MVU Token Crowdsale

Coming June 2019

  • Market OpportunityThe global unregulated betting sector is believed to be many times larger than the regulated sector, although without clear and verifiable financial reporting or official oversight, it is of course difficult to provide any precise or directly comparable data with the regulated market. Patrick Jay, a British-based independent betting expert believes the global online sports betting market is a figure close to 1 trillion up to a possible 3 trillion USD
About MVU

The Purpose of the MVU Token

A decentralized result verification system is essential to the meVu platform as it protects players from the vulnerability of manipulation, fraud from subjective reporting, and certain criminal activities. MVU holders help determine the winner of sports bets by reporting the correct score.

Holders stake some of their token balance and attempt to reach consensus on the outcome of an event; they are compensated in two different ways for doing so. Service fees are collected in ETH from head-to-head matches and token holders (Oracles) are incentivized to be on the side of consensus as they can also be compensated in MVU tokens.

Asset 1Asset 1

50% Fees

To Mevu

50% Fees

To Users
How Mevu is

Rewarding Users

The ETH rewarded to an Oracle from reporting on an event is proportionate to the percentage of tokens they staked (based on total tokens staked and available rewards).

Active Oracles with consensus will earn rewards even when there is no dispute and the Oracle results are not needed, however their rewards will be greater if the results are used.

The BreakdownIn cases where a bet is disputed and a 3% fee is charged, 1.25 percent goes to the Oracles providing results and 0.25 goes into a lottery fund rewarded to a lucky Oracle every month.

How To

Acquire Tokens

Participating in the crowdsale will require following the steps outlined below

  • STEP 1

    Create an account on or (only for Koreans)

    STEP 2

    Complete KYC verification by providing personal information

    STEP 3

    Deposit USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP or purchase PROB (higher bonuses)

    STEP 4

    All set for IEO! Wait for sale to begin.

    STEP 5

    Buy MVU tokens!

    STEP 6

    See your tokens in your account balance.

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    An Initial Exchange Offering is administered by a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that seeks to raise funds with its newly issued tokens.

  • Directions

    More detailed instructions on sale participation will be made available on the exchange website.